Wedding at Håholmen

Up to 110 people

Suggested timetable for the big day:

Wedding outside on Håholmen, in one of the boathouses, in the Saga Siglar hall or one of the 4 churches on Averøy.

The bride and groom arrive by boat, and champagne can be toasted to the bride and groom.

Party dinner in Ytterbrygga with coffee and avec.

The cake table and coffee are set out and the bride and groom cut the wedding cake.

Wedding party – with dancing in Ytterbrygga or Sørnnaustet.

Dinner – The bride and groom “sneak” out and enjoy a sparkling wine in their bridal suite.

The bar closes and we go to rest (02:00)

The next morning, a joint breakfast is served for all our guests in Ytterbrygga.


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