Korsholmen is an islet in the sea gap. This gem has 2 houses containing bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. There is also a sauna, outdoor jacuzzi and docks.
How about a visit here?

An exclusive experience!

Food and drink are served by our staff from Håholmen Havstuer. Out here, you should first and foremost relax and let us do the practical work. However, there is of course full opportunity to be with the chef when the meal is prepared with ingredients you may have brought from the sea.

The old house:

-1 double bedroom
-2 single rooms
-A total of 3 bathrooms
-Living room with fireplace and dining room
-Screened patio with fireplace and great view
-Access to the outdoor jacuzzi


-3 double bedrooms
-The master bedroom has its own bathroom
-A total of 2.5 bathrooms
-Large kitchen with dining table for 10 people
-Living room with fireplace
-Access to the outdoor jacuzzi
-Dock right outside the kitchen 360 sea view